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Empowerment in unity

Dive into a lifestyle where beauty meets wellness. From Yoga and Pilates to radiant beauty rituals, thrive together in our vibrant community.

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Behind the name

MIYU carries a profound meaning that aligns with our brand’s ethos of minimalistic elegance and cleanliness.

Rooted in the Japanese language, MIYU translates to “you are beautiful”. This elegant translation captures the essence of our philosophy, highlighting the intrinsic connection between inner and outer beauty

Our story

Zeina and Karen, two neighbors with diverse backgrounds, were brought together by fate. Zeina, a seasoned beauty professional and restaurateur, and Karen, a marketing veteran in the beauty industry and spiritual wellness enthusiast, shared an affinity for the mystical.

Their complementary skills led them to the creation of MIYU, a brand aimed at redefining beauty standards with a touch of magic. MIYU’s goal is to help individuals tap into their inner essence, promote well-being, and bring beauty into everyday chaos. We believe in the transformative power of creating magical moments together, as a community.

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MIYU is your ultimate destination for non-toxic nail care, yoga, pilates, and well-being.

Embrace a community that nurtures your mind, body, and soul, guiding you on a journey of transformation and self-discovery.

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